Progress, I think. I’m sure?

Getting the backside technobabble of such an enterprise humming nicely can be the challenging piece of the digital biscuit.

In this digital world, content is king and must reign as such. It tends to flow once the gidgets and gadgets are playing nice together.

This podcast project has 7 pilot episodes live now and there are actually carbon based units (people) are consuming them. This is/was the plan. Huzzah!

Next level will be the inclusion of many well known storytellers from all walks and professions. The new creators. I’m glad you’re here for the early bumps and grinds.

I promise, it will be worth the patience on your part. Next Gen creators are excited and poised to get into our intellectual nooks and crannies.

You won’t be disappointed and might even hit the subscribe button.

The Reset

So what a crazy year we all have endured. It has been one for the ages. I have spent this past year hunkered down, reflecting, wondering, trying to roll on regardless.

There is light at the end of the tunnel for certain. I’m a different animal now and I suspect you are too. We have much to discuss and share.

This digital space is going to change. I intend to continue my usual disjointed but hopefully thought-provoking blog droppings here, but with an added new twist.

I am moving into the world of podcasting. I’m undoubtedly the last person on the planet to do so, but here I am. I hope to provide voice in a familiar way – storytelling. Check out The Accidental Storyteller. See you around!