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The Village Idiot admiring an extremely rare Hawaiian free-range cock.

About me? My initial response would be, “who cares?” But that is an excellent question and the answer will hopefully find voice here through a wide and probably wild array of  incoherent essays.

I can usually find humor in just about anything and everything that is carbon-based. Life to this point has been a connectivity of strange and assorted crossings.

When I was just a pup I worked as a movie theater projector operator, in my teens as a door-to-door underwear salesman and I had a pretty substantial career in the radio world. Oh, I was a weatherman on television. I did a little stint in the pacific and S.E. Asia with the U.S.N. and got pretty salty – a condition that has worsened over the years.

I have voiced so many commercials and generic telephone answering machine messages that my tonsils have calloused shut.  I retired after spending roughly 30 years as a damned administrator in the higher education business and at the same time, pushed back the frontiers of ignorance in the classroom. I stayed retired for about 30 minutes, went to work with a bunch of wonderful crazies in the emergency management business, retired again for about 30 minutes and wound up in higher education, again.  I recently retired for the 3rd and damn sure final time.

I am married to the sweetest and kindness woman you will ever find on this or any neighboring planet, prompting most people to say, “What the hell was that pretty girl thinking?” Together we raised 5 kids….no joke….5.  Life goes on.

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