Place and Moment

Having morning coffee is certainly nothing new for me. Like millions, it is a daily right of passage. It’s during this ritual I reset my thinking, reflect on the goodness and promise of the new day. Rarely do I look back. I’m not headed that way. Nothing particularly earth-shaking in my daily practice.

This morning, the basic ritual was the same but surprisingly very different. I took my morning coffee and reset my day from a rooftop veranda overlooking centuries old San Miguel de Allende. 

I immediately realized I had lost control over my ritual. I spent no time thinking about the day ahead or reflecting. I was too overcome with the presence of place and the specific moment.

The majority of us live, work and play within a very predictable and comfortable cocoon — places we call home. We get wrapped up in our comfortable and satisfying rituals.

Sadly, we don’t allow our gaze to extend beyond our wonderfully safe cocoons we all take such refuge in. Not thinking much about the rest of the world, let alone what’s happening the next street over. Perhaps our rituals consume more than nourish.

So this morning I was struck by an amazing place and specific moment in a profound way. As San Miguel woke up, I wondered how many of them were doing exactly the same ritual I (we) do? Preparing to seize the day, already looking forward to the end of the day and back to the cocoon.

I intend to hold on to that initial spark I encountered this morning. That overwhelming presence of place and specific moment — nothing more. Intentionally lose control of your rituals. Achieve that first and enjoy the peace that follows.

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