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Greetings beloved. It has been a very long time since I last spun off a Moore Dropping or two. Truth be told I have missed our little round of occasional blitherings and routinely mindless chatter and once in a while, a semi-intellectual poof or scant of an intentionally challenging  thought, observations and the like.

I just stopped and I can’t give you a single reason, good or bad, or even a lame excuse as to why. Forgive me for my prolonged absence. So why now? Just take a look around or run the channels – the answer will emerge. The world needs humor – love – respect – a laugh from the gut. The world needs honesty not vitriol. The world needs decency and conversation – not a partisan hate fest. The world needs a POV reset with no axe grinding – for the love of Pete!  I am a simple observer of the human condition and when the clown car gets full and starts going in erratic circles under the big top, beloved it is time to pause and opine loudly “Are ya’ll catching this!?!”

So I am back with a desire to do one thing – help the world get beyond that crossroad where seriousness, skepticism, cynicism has forced our current culture into the  ditch of despair, angst, and rage.  We must be open to that other path that recognizes and celebrates differences, reaches out a hand to help pull up.  We are better than the status quo.  We have to leave this place better than we found it, not sinking in a pig pen of our own making.

I started Moore Droppings with no grand plan or agenda.  Droppings are simply an attempt to find the silliness around us, that we are human and do some pretty dumb and funny stuff. We only get a finite number of ticks on the clock and then the great eternal silence.  How do you want to be remembered when the last tick tocks?  I hope I will be laughing my ass off at something brilliant I just uttered or better yet, a delicious thought you said.  What a way to go.  So beloved – Moore Droppings is back.  We have much to observe and most of it is hilarious – you’ll see!!

One thought on “If not now, when? If not me, who?

  1. marie pease says:

    May your droppings be eternally dry and your bar eternally wet!

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