Dr. Dale Moore

Essayist, bloggerist, philosopherist & ramblerist

Well beloved, as you have gathered much time has passed since my last installment to this slice of cyberville. Hiatus is a good thing, particularly given the rehabilitative effect it offers body and soul. You should try it sometime, if for no other reason than to reacquaint yourself with yourself.

So with that preamble/footnote/disclaimer and the obligatory mea culpa’s explaining my absence completed, let us move on, shall we?

You will notice first and foremost that I have bitten the bullet and actually purchased my “.com-namesake” so as to further solidify and more forcefully stakeout a personal slice of the aforementioned cyberville. Thus, having spent some real disposable income on this enterprise, perhaps that will cause me to post drivel and other artifacts in a more consistent fashion.

As for what I have been doing — or some would suggest — not doing? Well, after talking it to death, I decided to pull the trigger in 2012 and actually retire. OK, so I was retired for about 8 hours and then decided I should aspire to do something other than interview for the Head-Greeter position at Walmart. Apparently they get prickly about Greeter’s who have limited patience for dealing with openly stupid people. But happily, I found myself a sweet retirement gig with a great organization that does good things for people and it seems to suit me fine. I also continue to push back the frontiers of ignorance at our fine local university as there seems to be no shortage of those requiring serious intellectual intervention. Serious intervention.

My beautiful wife and I moved to a new “hood” or “burbs” as it were. A very quiet little slice of nirvana, close to shopping, dining, schlepping, etc.

So, watch this space my beloved, the new year brings the promise of fresh and more frequent Moore Droppings. For example? Just moments ago I heard a local weather dude describe the presence of “snizzle” in the weather forecast.  OMG — for realizzle?  Ergo, the stuff of Droppings.

Turning the calendar is a good thing, eh? Oh, and Happy New Year…

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