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The 2007 release of the movie The Bucket List struck a particularly resonant chord with people like me — a.k.a., Baby-Boomers. For the record I have never been fond of generational profiling but then I do get the obsessive predilection demographers and, by natural extension, marketers have for pigeon-holing. Essentially their version of the human cattle-call serves to legitimize and drive all manner of goods and services branding. I know that because I spent a lot of years in the radio-television-advertising business hawking some stunningly useless crap. As an illustration, I once did an Infomercial for company who invented a palm-sized solar-reflector cigarette lighter you could put in your purse or shirt pocket. The idea was if you didn’t have the shakes real bad and there were only a few high cirrus clouds, you might be able to light your smoke in 60 seconds, plus or minus. $9.95 plus a buck for shipping. Straight-up true story.

But let’s be fair, unless they are all just hell-bent on getting even with their parents, I doubt we can blame any Generation X’er, or Millennial  for launching Depends, Viagra, Beano, or Centrum-Silver anymore than a Boomer could be held liable for the meteoric rise of the Slap Chop, Lady Gaga or — good God Almighty — Justin Bieber. If a Boomer is involved in that debacle they should be relentlessly flogged with a rolled-up newspaper.  I know, I know, I am just making the case on behalf of that Boomer slice of crotchety old bastards. Let the record reflect I am not one and there are those who would be willing to testify to the fact I have recently been spotted gallantly holding my own at a Jägerbomb throw-down while bellowing some dead-ringer George Jones and James Brown karaoke songs, so there.

All that said, I recently found myself unable to answer a fellow Boomer’s inquiry — “So DM, what’s on your bucket list?” Uncharacteristically for me I was without a snappy comeback, so I mumbled something marginally lucid. But it did get me to thinking and wondering at what point I should begin to scrawl something down. Then it hit me harder than a jealous husband — just look in the rear-view mirror and drink in what you have done. I really have done and/or witnessed some pretty amazing things. You will hear about it here as time goes on. Remind me to tell you the story about the keynote speech I almost gave to the Oriental Lions Club convention in Taipei Taiwan sometime. Another straight-up true story.

Mind you I have no quarrel with the concept of a bucket list. I am certain it provides great psychological utility and strong impetus for those in search of — “it.” Good for ya’ll. Personally, I would have to drag out the worry beads and struggle with how many items should be listed and then there’s the hassle of appropriate prioritization. Can I take a deduction on any of it? What about compliance issues? Inheritance taxes on the unused list? It goes on and on people. Maybe it is the approach to it all that matters most. Perhaps I should just think of it as life’s version of a h0ney-do list, only fun.

So here is a start — Dale’s Bucket List

1. Wake up in the morning



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