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Boing!! Spring has sprung, finally! Up front I’ll confess I am not a fan of anything cold related, weather or otherwise — unless the coldness is associated with a frosty mug.  Yea, yea, I know it’s great to have the 4 seasons and I really do appreciate the fall colors, the cute little prognosticating wooly worms and who doesn’t yearn for the occasional death-grip of a rip-roaring Ozarks ice-storm.

Lawn Chair Flying Fool

Flying Lawn Chair Fool

Still, if I were in charge of the seasons I would authorize snow for a 24-hour period and only on 12/25, then immediately back to 80 degrees. That would be plenty of Winter for yours truly. Ya gotta love this time of year though. Why? This is that wonderful time when I get to finally drag my flying lawn chair (Ole Yeller) out of the hanger, see how many field mice made a nest in the parachute bag over the Winter, change the oil, kick the tires and get ready to bore some holes in the Ozarks sky. For lawn chair flying fools this is rut season.

There is nothing quite like cruising up and down the James River at 500′ grinning like a possum playin’ checkers or flying above 65 and 60 simultaneously watching the sun go down in the west while a full moon rises in the east and the glow of city light come on — spectacular.  Wave at the idiot you see in that flying lawn chair, it is likely yours very truly. So grab your camera and come fly with me sometime! Until you’ve seen the Ozarks from 500′ up, you ain’t even seen the Ozarks cousin. Fair warning, the in-flight food service and movie sucks, but the scenery is the best you will ever experience and the pilot is a hoot.

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