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The Great Arlo Guthrie
Arlo Guthrie

Most people probably remember good ole Arlo Guthrie stepping on stage at Woodstock and owning that little gathering of music lovers with his rendition of Coming Into Los Angeles. I loved the song, but more than the song, I vividly remember Arlo looking across the gathering in an awestruck way, grin and proclaim, “Lotta freaks man!” I know, I know, it doesn’t take a rocket-surgeon to figure out what he really meant by that fairly innocuous phrase. It was Woodstock for crying out loud.For me though, that silly phrase struck a strangely resonant cord.  In fact, the 40+ years since that Arlonian revelation I have found countless occasions and reasons to utter it  time and time again. It has great utility both as an outright audible, but most certainly as part of an internal complex discussion I typically have with me, myself, and I. 

Case in point; a simple observation of the cacophonous gaggle of left and right leaning cable news-talk show hosts and their insufferable “spot-on” guests pretty much cause me to almost always exhort, “Lotta freaks man!”  The tedious grid-lock and perpetual bitch- ‘n-moan-fest from the D.C. left and right brain-trust always gets a hearty, “Lotta freaks man!” from yours truly. I don’t know how many times I have mumbled and/or muttered that under my breath during or at the conclusion of a painfully suck-the-essence-of-life-from-you committee meeting, “Lotta freaks man!” Of course you do know that the lowly camel is actually a race horse that was designed by a committee? Ah yes, shopping for groceries late-night at any Wal-Mart will most certainly garner a “Lotta freaks man!”  When you finally hit the checkout counter? Seriously, “Lotta freaks man.”  The moron that cuts you off in traffic just so they can arrive at the stoplight 50 feet ahead of you, or jumps the curb to get that prim-o parking spot at the mall, just grin and yell, “Lotta freaks man!” Last but far from least, listening to someone drone about the raw treatment the latest reality show victim received on last night’s episode of The Bachelor, Project Runway, or Biggest Loser will straight-up make me pull out the mega-phone,  and with some pointed authority suggest, all together now…….”Lotta freaks man!”

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