Dr. Dale Moore

Essayist, bloggerist, philosopherist & ramblerist

Sooner or later it was inevitable that I find myself feeling obligated to offer up some explanation of why I blog and by extension, why now. I suppose some of my motivation is latent rebellion against my third grade teacher Miss Schnake (rhymes with hockey) and her incessant water-boarding technique of diagramming sentences and subject-verb agreement exercises. I never could master that craps. Certainly my motivation doesn’t stem from any particular notion of potential gain or public notoriety. Even my bloated sense of worth and accompanying egocentric image knows better than to play that silly game. As a self-described local public television celebrity, I am quite satisfied being recognized by my adoring fans when I dine at the Golden Corral. I always say, “Thanks for watching.”

So the answer to the first half of the question –why?– is really nothing more elegant than a desire to make sure all the synapses are in working order, firing as originally installed, followed by an attempt to record the resulting drivel just for kicks and a few sophomoric giggles. Of course the free space on this electronic vine is particularly appealing to cheap bastards like me, so while we are at it, a big ole shout-out to Word Press.

The other half of the question — why now? — is a bit more complicated. I could conjure up a menu of plausible, even academically puzzling answers to that question, but not a chance. Even Miss Schanke had a nose for bovine excrement when she read it.  So, crow’s feet notwithstanding, a simple glance in the mirror suggests now is a pretty good time to start to reducing these mushy thoughts to writing.

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