Dr. Dale Moore

Essayist, bloggerist, philosopherist & ramblerist

So I attended my very first blogger meeting last night. At the outset let me say I did meet some of the nicest and as best I can tell, hardcore eat it, drink it, sleep it, blog folk in this town. Did I mention how nice they treated me? To a person they were very welcoming and cordial. Come on, you have to love people who call a club meeting at a place that serves beer and fried taters. That is so “me” and what I would do were I in a leadership role. Actually jury selection should be done in a similar manner don’t you think? Few beers, chip ‘n dip, get impaneled. They were people I wouldn’t mind getting stuck with on the tarmac. I dunno know though, I think they could tell I was about as nervous as a whore in church.  Me, nervous? A guy who has done God only knows how many radio and television shows, public speaking engagements and countless lectures, nervous? I don’t know what came over me. We went around the room and the introductions were not unlike what you might hear at an AA meeting I suppose, except for the meeting purpose differential; “Hi, I’m Dale, I’m a blogaholic.” Now those of you who really know me understand and accept  that I am a horrible listener much more at ease blurting out the first thing that comes to mind in an attempt to monopolize the communication stream. I prefer to be thought of as mildly gregarious. My wife would rightly suggest I am an idiot, mildly of course.  So me, nervous? I suppose it was right after the introductions that it struck me like a bolt, “I truly am a stranger in a strange land.” The evening turned decidedly geek with talk of analytics, traffic loss, the woes of self-hosting, and of course the holy grail of all geek-speak, code. I found myself screaming inside, “I need a geek injection!” Semantics were flying to my left and right but oddly, I felt safe in this company of total strangers who understood what it feels like to be a blog virgin. New acquaintances, total strangers really, but I’ll go back for more, I am after all, an emerging blogaholic.

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