Dr. Dale Moore

Essayist, bloggerist, philosopherist & ramblerist

Right about now most people are looking for signs of spring and it surely is just around the corner. I on the other hand am an observer of a different sort of signs….those poor signs with burned out bulbs in all the wrong places.  My wife drives us everywhere so I am free to scout out and subsequently blurt out the signage hee-haw’s like the village idiot. I mean it is innocent enough, a neon bulb out here and there, but it can really set a strange tone and create a marketing dilemma. Take for example my latest find. Men’s Wear House is a nice enough establishment. I got a great tie there once. But I am pretty sure they don’t want to be known as the Men’s Wear Ho. Just up the street is PepBoys whose signage suggests you will be buying your replacement radiator hose at the ever popular  P_pBoys.  But the best of the best burned out signage lighting up the South Glenstone night sky is the JC Penney Home S_ore.   I think it is hilarious and my wife thinks I am an idiot.

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